Luminous Puzzle Globe - The Woodsy
Luminous Puzzle Globe - The Woodsy
Luminous Puzzle Globe - The Woodsy
Luminous Puzzle Globe - The Woodsy
Luminous Puzzle Globe - The Woodsy

    3D Luminous Puzzle Globe Puzzle

    $59.99 $79.99

    What's more sophisticated than a wooden globe, and what could be better for an evening of family fun? The Luminous Puzzle Globe! It has both classic sophistication as well as being practical with its night light feature that makes it amazing to see in the dark!

    Laser cutting has a unique process that produces high-precision parts with controlled errors up to five microns. The CO2 laser's precision and temperature consistency make it the perfect choice for this type of manufacturing, ensuring consistent assembly accuracy under different conditions.

    The vintage style of the gothic lettering and wave wheel activation structure make for a great looking globe. The 25mm miniature magnifying glass allows you to find more detail on your map, which is awesome!


    Unique gift & Stylish Decor:

    A unique, one-of-a-kind gift that'll be hard to find elsewhere. A great way for the DIY lover in your life or any occasion like Christmas, Father's Day, and Birthday!
    This luxury interior decor will make anyone feel right at home with its cozy ambiance as well as look incredible on either their room or office space.

    Feel the Sense of Fulfillment:

    Let's have fun with our DIY crafting. It can be both an engaging and satisfying project, as you work on it patiently to complete the task!

    Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 4 years old

    Number of pieces: 180 pcs

    Assembly Size: 167*203*293 mm

    Package size: 310*230*47 mm


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    We process orders within 24 hours of ordering and ship out the next day after the processing day. 


    Due to customs restrictions, wax is not included if shipped from China. We can replace it by candle.


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