How to store puzzles?

Puzzles are always fun to play, but they can be challenging when it comes to organizing them. People who have a lot of puzzles will need to develop an organized way to store them. This article will go over some suggestions regarding how to store puzzles at home.

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Sort your puzzles

When it comes to organizing your jigsaw puzzles, the first thing to do is to sort them into different types: the puzzles you will keep and the ones you consider getting rid of.

The puzzles to keep could be those that aren't missing pieces or somewhat challenging ones that you probably want to do it again in the future. (Always remember to keep puzzles that you and your family enjoy or have some special memories related to.)

If you have tons of puzzles, move some of them out of the way in your house. You can give jigsaw puzzles to a friend you think may love them or sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Declutter your puzzles?

The puzzles you decide to keep can divide into the ones that need to be decluttered and the other ones you want to keep as a completed piece(especially for those 3d jigsaw puzzle models).

Once you make the decision, you can start to declutter them all. Remember to ditch the original jigsaw puzzle box, which will save you tons of space.

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Organize jigsaw puzzles by size

To keep your puzzle organized, you can sort them by color or a combination of size and shape. Figure out a suitable system to keep things organized in a way that's easy for you to remember and create a simple storage system for your jigsaw puzzles.

Lay all of your puzzles in piles, and sort them into the different types referred to in step one. Most people will come up with many small puzzles, a few medium ones, and a few larger ones.


Organize puzzles by color

For some people, the idea of all the puzzle pieces laying out in front of them can be overwhelming. It helps to organize jigsaw puzzles by color, so it's easier to see what fits together. Plus, you get to appreciate things that didn't seem like they go together next to each other.


Preparing the puzzle container

Once you sort your puzzles out, you can determine the size of the box to store your different puzzles in. Here are a few tips for you to considerate:

  • Make sure each puzzle has its own container. This is a must if you don't want to mix all the pieces from different puzzles together.
  • Make sure all the pieces fit in the box, calculate the sizes.
  • Buy the boxes in a uniform size or shape, which will help to form a calming effect and direct our eyes to clean lines


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Different ways of organizing puzzles

Here are seven different ways to store puzzles:

1. Store Puzzles in boxes with Lids

This is an excellent solution if you are short on space. Your puzzles will stack neatly inside each storage box. It doesn't matter how big or small. Just make sure all the pieces fit.

2. Store Puzzles in boxes with drawers

This is an elegant way to store puzzles, especially if you have lots of space. If you have lots of puzzles, you could buy some portable drawers from IKEA and use these as your stacking containers! An inexpensive, simple solution.

3. Store Puzzles with stackable baskets

This method is another good way to save space if you have little room. If you are trying to store lots of small, circular puzzles such as tangrams that take up little space, this option might be perfect! You can use a combination of baskets to stack them on top of each other.

4. Store Puzzles in zipper pouches

This is the most friendly way to store puzzles, as it is easy and takes up less space than a stack of boxes! You can use small zipper pouches for small puzzles and large zipper pouches for larger ones.

5. Store Puzzles on clear flat containers

This is an excellent option for people with lots of space, but you have to make sure each puzzle has its separate container.

6. Store Puzzles on a wire rack

This method is perfect for people who have many wooden jigsaw puzzles but only a few wall spaces to store them. Wire racks are inexpensive and can be bought almost anywhere, so don't worry about finding something that has the correct dimensions!

7. Store Puzzles in shelves or cabinets

If you need more space than just hanging a wire rack on a wall, then create a storage area in a cabinet! You can use shelves or cabinets to stack your puzzles and sort them out according to size or color.


Take it to the next level

You can store your puzzles in different categories

  • Different sizes of puzzles (50, 200, 500, etc.)
  • Various difficulties of puzzles (easy, hard, really hard)
  • Different styles of puzzles (National Geographic vs. Disney)
  • Different colors of puzzles (red, blue, green, etc.)

If you have all the space in the world, you can even create some outdoor jigsaw puzzle storage!


How to Store Unfinished Puzzles?

If you have unfinished puzzles, here are some ways to store them without getting pieces mixed up:

  • Puzzle Stand
  • Puzzle Board
  • Puzzle Trays
  • Puzzle Roll-up Mat
  • Puzzle Table

If you have a puzzle box, you can put the unused pieces inside the container while still in their original bag. The pieces won't get tangled inside this way, and it'll be easy for you to find each part to finish the job.

It's better to label the unfinished puzzles, which will help you a lot when you restart the job.

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How to Store finished Puzzles?

Where do you store a puzzle if you don't want to declutter it in pieces when you finish a puzzle?

If you have enough space in your rooms, why not place shelves where moisture won't damage the pieces. You can store puzzles of all shapes and sizes on shelves.


What is the best way to store jigsaw puzzles?

Every home has different needs when it comes to organizing and storing puzzles. I hope this article gives you some ideas, and you can find your style of keeping puzzles. The best way to store puzzles is the way that suits you the most.


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