Why Should You Buy a 3D Globe Puzzle?

What is a 3D Globe Puzzle? 

3D jigsaw puzzles come in different shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular designs is the 3D Globe Puzzle. Each piece is laser cut to ensure a high level of precision and comes together to form a beautiful sphere. 3D puzzle globes are seen as a step up in difficulty from 2D puzzles as it adds an extra layer of challenge for those who tackle them.  

And what's even better than a traditional 3D globe puzzle?  A Luminous 3D puzzle ball, of course. This beautiful 3D wooden puzzle made from 180 pieces of high-quality wood is an excellent gift for your loved one. The feature that makes it stand out against other globes is an LED light that allows the globe to shine in the dark. The light is powered by a USB, meaning that the product is easy to set up and display, and on top of this, the wooden globe is rotatable, meaning that you can view it from every angle. 


How does a 3D Globe Puzzle work?

To build a 3D globe puzzle correctly, you must follow the instructions that come in the kit. Each puzzle piece will have a corresponding code in these instructions, allowing you to identify them quickly, making it easier to follow instructions. The instructions are broken down into simple, easy-to-understand steps. The 3D puzzle globe is assembled with the help of a buckle, which helps the pieces(some of them are curved pieces) bend into position to create a perfect sphere. 

The Luminous 3D globe puzzle is a laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle. It is perfectly crafted by experts, with each individual piece having exact edges with a tiny margin for error. This ensures that all the pieces fit together well into a solid smooth ball. And the final picture on the surface of the 3D globe is easy to read without poor, uneven lines between the parts.  Everything in correct place.
Since each piece is an exact fit, no glue is needed to hold them together, and the finished globe stays in place by itself. Completing the puzzle, whether by yourself or with kids, is a mess-free process that won't lead to accidents that ruin your home. 




Why Do We Recommend the 3D Globe Puzzle? 

Great Learning Tool

This 3D puzzle globe can be used as a great learning tool to help introduce your children to world geography. It is educational as well as fun. Once the globe is constructed, the complete world map shows up. You can discuss the continents and oceans while looking at the intricate map painted on the puzzle's surface. 

Made from High-Quality Components

With so many wooden puzzles out there, it can be hard to know which one to select. If looking for a 3D puzzle with excellent value for money and durability, look no further than the 3D globe puzzle. Made from high-quality wood that is expertly laser cut for precision, different pieces slot together ideally to create a sturdy globe and will stand the test of time. 

Vintage Look

Vintage puzzles are in, and our 3D Globe puzzle fits this aesthetic perfectly. It can be a great home décor once complete; also, you can display your handiwork with the finished model. The earthy tones are popular for home textiles and decoration at the moment, and this trend is set to stay. 

A Practical Night Lamp

It is not a common globe. Due to the built-in LED light, the 3D Globe Puzzle makes a great night light that is decorative and practical. As the light has a vintage tone to it, the light that it produces is warm-toned, making the whole room appear cozy and calm, rather than the stark  white light that some LEDs can deliver. This can, therefore, be used as a night light in a children's bedroom or a warm and welcoming light in the social area of your home. 

Enjoy the Challenge of Building

Any building or construction projects are great fun and offer a big challenge for those undertaking the project. These types of activities help develop vital STEM skills that are easily transferrable to learning in other areas. For example, building projects such as the 3D Globe puzzle develop fine motor skills in children and problem-solving skills in both children and adults. Additionally, these types of puzzles that require some level of trial and error are great at building resilience, as if at first you do not succeed, you can try again until you achieve your goal to have a completed puzzle.

Suitable for Many Ages

The 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle is suitable for many ages to enjoy. The puzzle is recommended for those over the age of 10. However, the experience of building it can be shared with adults and kids working together to construct it. It could be one of the surprising gifting ideas.

The best wooden puzzles are the ones that stand out, and our 3D globe puzzle definitely does that. Not only does will it fit in well with your home and act as a great light, but it is also fun to construct and will develop your construction skills along the way. If you are searching for a gift idea for a loved one or want a great challenge for yourself, buy it here today. 


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