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Where We Find Inspiration: On The Road

With this month’s theme of inspiration, we wanted to dedicate our Location Love posts to the spots that get creativity our flowing. For me, one of the best places I can go to think through writing projects, consider big-picture issues, or to simply clear my head, is the road. Perhaps it’s because I’m a homebody by nature but something about getting behind the wheel (or into that coveted passenger seat with my feet on the dash) gets me thinking outside the box. The specific road doesn’t necessarily matter, though for the record, the picture above was snapped a couple years ago while riding down I-90, the one below is somewhere along WA-25.

Since I currently live roughly five hours from where I grew up, traveling to my parents’ has become the ideal trip for thinking through novel plots and developing characters, for dreaming up editorial projects, for coming up with a new five- or ten-year life plan, or even for creating new songs to sing for my kiddo. It’s the perfect blend of getting so much done, while actually doing not much at all. -Dena

Here’s what we think would make an ideal day in this location:

season: summer, of course. The best road trips involve lots of daylight, sunglasses, and open windows.

drink: iced coffee (even though we never hit the road as early as we intend to).

activity: Cruise controlled driving. The kind when we can go hours without so much as tapping the breaks.

outfit: something with an elastic waistband because comfort is key.

entertainment: a specially curated playlist probably featuring my favorite band, Marianas Trench