Where Are They Now? Woodsy Women Are Continuing To Crush It

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with and profiling a number of amazing women since launching in 2016. We took some time during our summer hiatus to check back in with them and get a few updates. To no surprise, they’re continuing to crush it…


  • Since May, I’ve been the Director of Development and Marketing for Amplifier – a nonprofit design lab that flips artists into activists by pairing contemporary artists with community-based social change movements to mobilize social change,  best known for our work with We The People.
  • I’m also now Head of the Pacific Northwest Obscura Society for Atlas Obscura.
  • I’m working on putting the finishing touches on a book project that will be out early next year from a Seattle-based publisher and finishing up my term as Poet Laureate of Redmond.

  • Terrain, which is “an annual, one-night-only, juried multimedia art and music event celebrating young and emerging artists in the Spokane area,” is about to celebrate its 10th year.
  • Pop-up Shop, a collaborative retail experience featuring Inland Northwest makers and artists, opened in April 2017
  • Creative Enterprise, a community-oriented program which provides participants with relevant professional development training catered to creative business needs and allows creative businesses to test their ideas with little risk by matching them with low cost space, welcomed its second cohort [full disclosure: The Woodsy is a participant, and we are super-stoked about it! -Dena]

  • Fannie’s Ice Pops were on the cover of July/August issue of Edible Seattle
  • And, Fannie’s Ice Pops were also part of celebrity wedding in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We were part of their pre-wedding beach party.  They used one of my freezers and umbrella for the event, and I made them chocolate+ avocado, strawberry +  watermelon + mint, and roasted peach + vanilla.

  • Tap Uganda has fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas (that means people can give tax-deductible donations now), and we raised enough money to provide shoes for every child (80 kids!).
  • I returned to Uganda for a month, and it was amazing.
  • I also went to Portugal, where I donated 15 pairs of shoes and helped to begin a program in a small community outside Lisbon. That program is now expanding to schools, and the shoes are becoming “traveling shoes” as my colleague Paula Cirino brings tap education to communities all around Portugal. Very exciting!

  • We awarded the Adventure Angels scholarship to a woman from Tajikistan to attend the Adventure Travel World Summit
  • I was invited on a special press trip to explore the area of Suzhou, China
  • I attended the inaugural Himalaya Travel Mart in Kathmandu, Nepal as a part of their media team
  • Up next: kayaking the Salish Sea, a press trip to Bend, OR with my partner, exploring Ireland by bike, hitting Portugal with my two sisters for one of their birthdays, and trying to get my taxes done!

  • Art Salvage is preparing for a major fundraiser this fall that will be the big push to getting us financially set for opening a store. Readers who want to keep in touch and catch our updates on it can subscribe here.

  • Since we left off, I officially graduated with my MBA from the University of Portland and I am so glad to be done with school!
  • For the last six years I have been mentoring senior design teams at the University of Portland; helping students with their capstone projects that are meant to prepare them for the “real” engineering world. This year, I had a team with a goal to design and fabricate a working radial jet engine. They were very successful, received a NASA grant to continue research on their project and they were awarded Best Senior Capstone Project by their professors. I was so proud!
  • This past spring I had the opportunity to compete in the elite field at the Boston Marathon and it was one of the most challenging races I have ever competed in. Fortunately I will have another chance to compete in a marathon later this year. The window for qualifying for the 2020 Marathon Olympic Trials opens up this September and I will be making my first (and hopefully last) attempt at qualifying at the California International Marathon (CIM) in December.
  • I am VERY thrilled to announce that my husband and I are finally starting his custom woodworking business, Built by Fuchs! We have been talking about this since we started dating 6 years ago and now we are finally to the point where we are ready to take the leap.

  • I returned to work at Clark Nuber, an accounting firm based in Bellevue. It’s changed my morning routine quite a bit from what I described last year, but it’s definitely been for the better. The main reasons I did it were for administrative and team support, since working from home is, as I’ve learned, very taxing. And my kids are now both in elementary school, which means extracurriculars. It’s been an adjustment, especially with my new schedule, but it’s working and we’re making the best of it.
  • I’m now the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for One by One, a nonprofit working to end end obstetric fistula and make childbirth safe for all women.

  • I have been promoted to the MBA Director, the youngest Whitworth has had in its history. One of the few women and perhaps the youngest in Washington State. I am pumped/scared/nervous/excited for this fun leap.
  • Other news… hobby farm is still under way. Our girls are still pudgy and lovely. Life is unreal and amazing.

Thanks, all. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go set my alarm three hours earlier so I can try to accomplish half of what you all are up to. -Dena


Edit 1.0: We removed a sentence from Pam’s updates to more accurately reflect Tap Uganda’s efforts towards education.

Edit 2.0: how could I have missed the timely updates Laura definitely shared with me? I saved them in a different place than the others. Allow me to share now on her behalf…

  • Laura and her partner Tim’s next big project, Moveable Feast Yucatan is mere days away. They’re in the final throes of preparing to host this “deep dive into the culture and soul of a place” (their lovely words, not mine). If you get a chance, send good travel vibes her way.
  • She’s been busy, guys. The Sullivan & Sullivan Photography blog is continually updated with latest in inspirational, gorgeous photography that she and Tim bless our eyes with. Check it.

Header Photo by Gili Benita on Unsplash