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The Woodsy’s 2018 Checklist

There’s no shortage of delightful things to pursue in the PNW, which is why we thought a checklist might help keep some of our current ideas organized. It’s part resolution/part bucket list since, admittedly, we didn’t reach all of our regionally-themed resolutions from last year. That said, isn’t going with the flow part of the fun of living in this area anyway? Here’s what we’re aiming for this year:

  1. More secondhand and local shopping than ever before (including indie coffee shops, despite our love for the tried and true chains)
  2. Reading more local authors (we got a head start last month)
  3. Giving attention to the independent papers in our region
  4. Using more public transit
  5. Making a significant effort to shop for seasonal produce (bonus points for actually going to pick it)
  6. Crossing state lines more
  7. Finally donating that umbrella we never use
  8. Not being shy about our love of comfy socks and flowy sweaters
  9. Sharing more photos of our region
  10. Paying close attention to this year’s political races
  11. VOTING.
  12. Not waiting for the rain to stop to go out and do something 
  13. Trying (at least) one new local thing we’ve never done before (I just found out you can use your library card into Seattle to get tickets to certain museums – Julia)
  14. Speaking of libraries…going to our libraries
  15. Make an effort to learn more about our region’s history, and seeking out native voices
  16. Remembering our reusable water bottles and coffee cups
  17. Visiting at least one big city AND small town
  18. Purposefully leaving our phones at home more…or, at least on silent in the bottom of our bags

Header photo by Haley Powers, body photos Anne PrebleKyler Boone. Ian Schneider on Unsplash