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The Quad, The University Of Washington (Seattle Campus)

Photo Attribution: Joe Mabel, sourced via Wikimedia Commons

A minor disclaimer: I realize that showing my loyalty to UW may not, um, sit well with readers who favor other schools in the region. However, I used to work in higher education and have been on various campuses, so I promise that I see great things in those schools, too. I just didn’t happen to go to them. If UW isn’t your favorite, feel free to mentally substitute accordingly.

So, you may have noticed that our March theme is going forward, which got me thinking, “what’s more fitting than looking back?” Seriously though, my college campus immediately came to mind because college is one of the few times in life that we’re allowed to invest in ourselves and in our futures, and to work toward clearly defined goals. If that’s not the definition of forward movement, and of progress, I’m not sure what is.

I went with this image of the Quad in particular because, though spots like Red Square and Drumheller fountain should get credit for being notable campus locations too, they’re not among the first places that come to mind when I think of my beloved alma mater. The Quad, with it’s criss-crossing paths, gothic buildings, and endless streams of students, is. -Dena

Here’s what we think would make an ideal day in this location:

Season: Fall. UW’s Quad gets a lot of love in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, but the version of it that’s etched in my memory looks a lot like the one above. With gray skies, green grass, and beautiful buildings that took me years to tell apart.

Drink: room temperature water, from a Nalgene bottle that’s been dangling from my backpack and bouncing around against my leg all day.

Activity: if my mom is reading this, I was definitely going to class and studying, all day/erryday. If anyone else is reading this, I also spent a lot of glorious time with friends and roommates, doing random things that seemed extremely important at the time, which now all blur together into brightly lit, colorful, montages of hilarious mischief made in the halls of our sorority house.

Outfit: jeans, a casual shirt, and a either a fraternity hoodie or a fleece (or both, if it was winter quarter).

Entertainment: Well, seeing as I was there in the early aughts, I absorbed a lot of singer songwriters like John Mayer and Josh Kelley and Dave Matthews, plus a steady diet of upbeat hip-hop that can only be summarized as “party music.”