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Somewhere On Lake Roosevelt, Eastern Washington

Last September, I spent just over 24 hours on a houseboat for the first time in my life. As any whirlwind mini-vacation should be, it was relaxing, beautiful, and quick. And, I left with far too few pictures. However, I did manage to snap the shot above during sunset the one night we stayed on the boat. I know, I know; it’s not the most impressive photo, but I still wanted to offer it up because the simplicity it represents is exactly what I’m craving these days. My family has been all over the place with school schedules, meetings, and events, with occasional illnesses showing up at inopportune times to disrupt everything. The idea of a few minutes spent staring at a sunset over a lake sounds blissful right now.

I’m not sure how much travel–even short-term, regional travel–is in the cards for us this summer since we’re expecting a new baby. And that’s definitely not a complaint; that’s an exciting enough event that I doubt we’ll miss the occasional excursion. In the meantime though, this photo is a pleasant, necessary reminder that there’s life outside of these busy weeks, regardless of how long it is before I can get back to it.  -Dena

Here’s what we think would make an ideal day in this location:

season: summer, definitely

drink: wine, preferably from Lake Roosevelt Wine Company, one of the few places in the world I’ve ever traveled to by boat. If wine’s not your thing, then I’d suggest some sort of fizzy, fruity concoction that fits your definition of “beachy”

activity: drifting, wine-tasting, reading on the deck, and napping

outfit: like all great Eastern Washington spots, definitely shorts, tanks and flip-flops during the day, and cozy sweats at night

entertainment: aside from the scenery? Light reading,and board games