Originals, PNW Love

#2: Bodies Of Water

Ask just about anyone in the PNW and they will tell you that living near water is important to them in some way. It’s not difficult to understand why–we have natural wonders aplenty here in the upper left of the country, with gorgeous lakes and rivers certainly high on that list. We’re really spoiled with what we’re able to do and see practically in our own backyards.  I can dip my toes in the salty Pacific Ocean and wonder if the pebble I just skipped out on the water will be carried off to another shore, or I can brave the glacial depths of Lake Chelan in search of its very own Loch Ness type creature that I’m almost certain isn’t really there. It’s the feeling I get when I drive a few short miles to leave the metropolitan city behind and hike up to Snoqualmie Falls, and the overwhelming yet inexplicable sense of comfort many will say they get from not being landlocked. It’s about more than just balance and beauty, though. Living near these gorgeous bodies of water affects how we live and how we interpret the world.  Think I exaggerate? The King County Bus System held a poetry contest on this very idea just this past year. The program is called Poetry on Buses, and next year’s theme is Your Body of Water. Needless to say, we take our H2o seriously around here. – Julia