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Nature vs. Nurture: Marching Through January

Nature: well, looks like we (accidentally) picked a pretty momentous two weeks in American history to take a break to redesign, didn’t we? We didn’t do it purposefully, I swear, but it’s nice the way it worked out because the animated GIF to your right is basically live footage of us reacting to women-centric news as of late (both local and national).

Nurture: there’s been one glorious exception! Last Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, and all the sister marches worldwide, were bright spots in a dark and dismal few weeks.  Most of my (Dena’s) energy writing on this event was spent on this essay that Romper published the day of the march: My Pregnancy Is The Reason I Marched On Washington. Also, hey, I’m pregnant! Happy to finally share that.

For the record, I strongly stand by my essay but I also know there were several reasons for not marching last weekend, too. In fact, many of my nearest and dearest opted out for reasons ranging from simple logistics like personal schedules and childcare, to more complicated issues like conflicts within their own belief systems and with the ideals of the march itself. Some were also more inclined to support today’s March for Life instead. We see you, too. Even if we’re not in total agreement, we try to stay behind women forming their own opinions and expressing them however they see fit.

On a similar note, there has also been an amazing burst of feminist content that’s bringing respite. The best part? You can listen to it instead of read it, which is an important distinction these days when scrolling through news feeds feel straight-up dangerous. I’m new to the Girl Friday podcast, but I’ve been into it for the past few weeks, and since today’s guest is Rebecca Traister, that’s likely to continue. And, as always, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast still has a very special place in my heart and left me feeling optimistic last week. Note: the hosts of both of these podcasts tend to sway very liberal, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you’ve been warned.

If, like us, you’re also moved to take steps towards civic engagement and political action, allow us to share what we’ve started with. I never thought of this stuff as nurturing, but it does make a difference.