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Location Love: Your Most Inspired Holiday-Themed Spot

If you have ever lived in, or visited, the PNW in the month of December, you’ve probably noticed that our oh-so-natural beauty lends itself to some Christmas-y vibes. So, it didn’t make a ton of sense for us to pick out one particular location to honor during the holiday week because there are too many that can spark joy. Perhaps you’re a fan of a certain tree-cutting spot, or a neighborhood that does awesome decorations, or even something more well-known like Leavenworth or Sun Valley, or even of something specific in your hometown that we’re overlooking (like how Tacoma Self Storage turns into Tacoma Elf Storage). Either way, we wanted you to have space to think about your own PNW holiday hot spots, and we wanted to offer this gorgeous tree photographed by Julia (in Eastern Washington) to help inspire. Enjoy.