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Location Love: Green Bluff, WA

This picture was taken in late September 2016, about a half hour from Spokane, WA, when my family and I were driving home from this little farming community called Green Bluff. There’s dozens of growers and farmers, and it’s where we go for pumpkins every year. We’ve also picked berries there, we’ve tasted wine, mead, cider and beer, we’ve bought fresh vegetables and frozen pies, and we’ve roamed around the country stores. It’s pretty much impossible to make the drive without turning the radio to country music. It can be crowded at times, especially in October weekends since pretty much all of Spokane goes there for pumpkins, but it’s worth it. This year, we went on a Monday afternoon and had rows and rows of the pumpkin patch to ourselves. It was perfect. – Dena