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Location Love: Cheney, WA

We’ve had a carpet of snow on the ground for what feels like ten years here in Eastern Washington. Yet there are so many parts of the area where it still remains untouched, it’s hard to complain. For example, check out this barn surrounded by a field of snow. Believe it or not, this particular spot is walking distance from the Eastern Washington University campus (which has something like 10,000 students). So, though it looks like it should be in the middle of nowhere, it’s actually not all that remote.

Here’s what we think would make an ideal day in this location:

season: winter, of course

drink: peppermint hot chocolate

activity: sledding, followed by books next to a fireplace

outfit: snowsuit, and a cute scarf

entertainment: paperback novels (perhaps by Curtis Sittenfeld, Dena’s favorite), and classy music with no words, like jazz.