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Location Love: Butler-Perozzi Fountain In Ashland, Oregon

Tucked away in a corner of Lithia Park near the theaters in Ashland, OR is the lovely Butler-Perozzi fountain. This picture was taken in July 2015 (almost 20 years after my first visit there), and it is still one of my favorite places in the Northwest. Aside from its obvious beauty, it’s actually hard to pinpoint what exactly makes it so special. Perhaps it is the stone stairs up to the well-proportioned fountain, or the classic sphere lampposts. Maybe it brings a touch of European sensibility closer to home that tickles the British book lover in me. It could be the lithia water coursing over the bowls that adds to its attraction or the proximity to the outpouring of creativity and art at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Whatever the reason, I always find peace and inspiration when I visit this fountain. Despite the busyness of the park, I can grab a few solitary moments by the structure to get lost in my thoughts and internalize enough of the sunshine and watery calm until my next visit. – Julia