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Letter From The Editor: January Newness And Theme

In my neck of the woods, the temperature’s been in the teens (not counting wind chill) and we have so much snow on the ground that I’m done trying to walk in it. Maybe eight or ten inches have accumulated in the last couple weeks? It’s hard to say at at this point. It’s pretty, and peaceful, though it makes me very glad that I work from home and that my spouse and my son only have a few blocks to go to get to work and to daycare. Weather like this practically begs us to stay inside.

I don’t mind, though. I’m a homebody at heart, so I rarely mind an excuse to stay in sweats, drink more coffee, and put my feet up. This could be reason enough to make January’s theme at The Woodsy inside. But, there are actually multiple reasons why we chose that word, aforementioned cozy vibes of the season aside. 

“Inside” also speaks to what you can’t see just by looking, a throwback to what we all heard growing up, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And, we’ve been spending more time than usual in our own heads lately. It’s natural this time of year, I think, since resolutions require personal reflection and assessment and at least an attempt at growth. Even if you don’t set them, January still brings a freshness, a newness, a chance to revisit and reconsider our current habits and routines, in the safety of our own thoughts.

And, another reason for “inside” is very specific: this month, we’re launching a new vertical. Nature vs. Nurture will explore more of the realities of being a woman in the Pacific Northwest. And, spoiler alert: it’s not always blissfully cold days wrapped in blankets and drinking coffee. Some days are tougher than others, and require us to face the same things that women everywhere deal with: those –isms and –phobias like sexism, racism, homophobia, and misogyny which, no, does not end in –ism or –phobia, but still counts. While we love living in the PNW, we aren’t so blinded by that love that we don’t see room for improvement. Although, until now, we’ve kept some of these perspectives to ourselves. We’re ready to change that, and tell you more about what we’re feeling on the inside. It’s what counts, after all.

And lastly, a note on some other exciting changes. Those of you that subscribe to our weekly newsletter will notice some new sections and new content in the coming weeks. At our planning meeting last week (our first in-person meeting in months!), we decided that it’s indeed time to grow the newsletter, so keep an eye out there.

As always, thank you for visiting and joining us.

Rain or shine,