Letter From The Editor, Originals

It’s Good To Be Back

Reunited, and it feels so goooood!

Hello again!  Julia and I are thrilled to be back on your screens. Thanks for having us! To show our appreciation, we’re offering up that brighter-than-bright pink Eastern Washington summer sunset picture (#nofilter).

At our respective Woodsy HQs, the last few months have been full of family, various projects, birthdays, some light travel, and, in my case, feeding, diapering and snuggling my newborn (and doing tons and tons of laundry, because babies). It’s been an eventful and demanding, albeit exciting summer all around.  See the proof of me multi-tasking here,  repping my favorite PNW school and enjoying some quality time with the littlest member of the Woodsy family.


But that said,  now that Julia and I are through the haze (or is that wildfire smoke?), it feels really good to be back at our desks.

We have some amazing profiles lined up and ready to go, we have updates on some of the fantastic women who have been featured in the past, and we have general awesomeness ready to unleash on you in post-form.  Can you tell that we’re a little excited and geeking out ever-so-slightly? You would be too, if you had been in our planning meetings with us.

Julia (at a planning meeting!)

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Either way, watch this space. See you soon!

Rain or shine,