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(Introducing) PDA: Happy 101st Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

It’s our pleasure to share that, starting today, we’re adding a new type of post to The Woodsy’s rotation. Introducing Public Displays of Appreciation, or PDAs. For various reasons, including but not limited to timing, or distance, or schedule, or the fact that the woman of the hour may be a historical figure, we  simply don’t have direct access to all the amazing women with PNW ties that we want to shout-out. Thus, our PDA was born, allowing us to fangirl from afar, and give her proper due. First up…

Beverly Cleary.

In grade school, when I was absorbing Cleary’s Ramona books, I was totally unaware of her connection to the PNW. But guys, she was born in Oregon! She went to UW! She lived in Yakima! Not sure about everyone else, but I’m super-excited by this. On a personal note, Cleary was a favorite author of mine (along with her royal highness Judy Blume, and queen Ann M. Martin, founder of the Baby-Sitters Club series). These women had a huge influence over my life-long desire to be a writer. However, on a grander scale, Cleary has written more than 40 books, and she’s sold 85 million copies, so clearly I’m not her only fan. She also won a 1984 John Newbery Medal for Dear Mr. Henshaw, whileRamona and Her Father and Ramona Quimby, Age 8 were also named Newbery Honor Books.

Basically, her work is great. And, last year, for her 100th birthday, a number of outlets celebrated by profiling her. It appears that she’s just as spirited as you might hope she’d be. See what I mean:

And, last but not least, let’s also acknowledge that she had the best glasses ever in 1971. It feels very appropriate to dedicate our first PDA to her, which we’re offering with humble appreciation and wishes for a glorious birthday. – Dena