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Heading West On I-90

It’s been five years since I moved back to Washington after a mere four years in California, and I’m still not quite used to it. Even though I grew up here, even though I’ve lived here for roughly 88% of my life, I still get distracted sometimes.  There’s just so much sky, and it’s so much brighter here than in other places. Case in point is this photo, taken from a moving car earlier this month. I’ve written before about how much I enjoy the open road, and when you add scenery and sunsets, we reach a new level. So, we had to make it a Location Love, it’s a deep breath in pixels. –Dena

Here’s our favorite ways to take it in:

season: summer and early fall. Basically, right now.

drink: cold brew with a splash of cream and sweetener of choice

activity: daydreaming in the passenger seat, with feet up on the dashboard

outfit: I’d like to think of myself in something low-key fashionable, but the reality is it’s probably yoga pants, a t- shirt (v-neck, so I feel slightly more stylish than not), and a ponytail. Oh, and sunglasses, too, which allow me to pretend I’m cooler than I actually am.

entertainment: maybe some classic rock or poppy country. Or, lately, I’ve been into podcasts, like Call Your Girlfriend, Pod Save America, The Daily, or Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, which make me feel thoughtful and pensive whilst staring at wheat.