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Do NW Residents REALLY Not Use Umbrellas?: An Exploration

It’s an age-old question that keeps us up at night, one of life’s greatest mysteries, circulated through campfire circles of yore, elderly relatives whispering from recliner chairs, and now the internet. The answer to this question could bring about monumental change and significance to maybe a couple people who dream about getting into the portable weatherproofing technology business someday, but curb some serious curiosity in the rest of us.

What’s up with NWers and umbrellas?

Rumor has it no one in the Northwest actually uses an umbrella, that you can spot tourists from a mile away because they’re the ones fumbling with their soggy windblown daggers. Apparently, we’d rather walk in torrential downpour with merely a thin raincoat for protection, than bother with an umbrella.

Here at The Woodsy, we’re launching a long-term research project designed to specifically explore this question.  It’s going to be very* scientific and technical, and it will inform us just how those of us who live in one of the rainiest regions in the world actually handle it on a daily basis.

So zip up your jacket, grab your beanie, and join the conversation:


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