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21 New Year’s Resolutions For PNWers

In 2017, we may or may not resolve to…

  1. go outside more, and take advantage of the natural beauty our region offers
  2.  support local coffee shops just as much as the chains, if not more
  3. plant a tree
  4. take at least one road trip to a new PNW location (day trips count, too)
  5. eat more Washington apples
  6. …and Idaho potatoes
  7. …and Tillamook cheese
  8. …and drink more wine from all three states
  9. play tourist in our own cities at least once
  10. make more of an effort to support local and regional musicians, artists, and writers
  11. try to stop judging tourists (or anyone) carrying umbrellas
  12. not lose any pairs of sunglasses
  13. talk a little bit less about the fact that Chris Pratt grew up in the the PNW
  14. talk a little bit more about important issues facing PNW residents, and women in particular
  15. get involved at a local level with the causes that matter most to us
  16. go (almost) paperless, save (almost) all of the trees
  17. always keep a few podcasts on hand for traffic (particularly on I-5 and I-90)
  18. support local, sustainable growers and restaurants that serve their food
  19. stop forgetting our reusable shopping bags at home
  20. spend more time on, near, or looking at bodies of water
  21. dress up at least once, when we know we could get away with jeans and fleeces