Letter From The Editor, Originals

Connecting to May’s Theme

It was tough to determine one theme that covers all the bases we want May’s theme to cover. We wanted to acknowledge Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, we wanted to recognize the six-month anniversary of launching this site, one of us has a kiddo with a birthday this month, and one of us has a wedding anniversary this month, too. It’s a month where we have lots of reasons to reflect on people we love, what they do (or have done for us), our own friendship and working relationship, and of course, The Woodsy itself, which would be nothing close to our vision without the support of friends new and old, and from women with shared interests in celebrating the PNW and acting on their ideas and inspirations.

Ultimately, we went with a seemingly simple idea: connections. We went with it because it’s broad enough to include all the kinds of relationships we want to highlight this month, and also specific enough that it represents the core concept we want to really focus on: how important our ties to others really are.

On a personal note, this theme speaks to me in an especially powerful way, seeing as I’m connected to my second child right now. I know many of us (myself included) use the term “literally” pretty loosely these days, but no, I actually am literally connected to her. She’s due next month and, as if concerned that I’m doing her justice in my description, she’s currently kicking me from the inside as I type this. My current state, or “condition” as it might be referred to by politicians or by Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic, is starting to take over most aspects of life. Earlier in the pregnancy, I would have good, comfortable days where I could function as I normally did, with subtle side effects that merely registered a blip on my radar. Now? Well, I’ve grown out of most of my maternity clothes, and I’m resting my arms on my belly while working, if that gives you any indication. My connection to this baby is the single most present feeling I have these days. 

Connections aren’t always about people, either, although I can admit that that’s the first place my head typically goes. Still, I also feel connected to where I live, to where I grew up, to certain kinds of music and specific songs, to my favorite books and movies, to my morning coffee, and to rainy evenings and pasta dinners. I loosely define this version of connection as feelings of familiarity and nostalgia, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. We’re looking forward to exploring further this month, and are glad to have you with us along the way.

Rain or shine,