Letter From The Editor, Originals

Our Unpredictable April Theme

A confession: the theme for April that we’re sharing today is not the original theme Julia and I decided on weeks ago. In fact, we switched it up just this past weekend because this one seemed to be a better fit, both with our personal and our professional lives. Plus, it’s been a topic in some of the conversations you’ll see shared later this month. So, without further ado, it’s my pleasure to share that this month, we’re talking about the unexpected.

For me, unexpected can be as simple as when the internet goes out, or when my toddler decides to do his own thing instead of listening to his dad or me. Or, it’s as complex as family emergencies, or unplanned illness (is any illness ever planned)? It’s reactions from loved ones that you don’t anticipate, or changes in friendships. It’s when your favorite band breaks up, or your preferred candidate doesn’t win the election you thought they were a shoo-in for. It’s also when you end up in completely different place, either personally or professionally, than you thought you’d be. Sometimes, it brings pleasant surprises, or welcome changes, and sometimes it doesn’t, requiring us to regroup and rework our plans.

A quick story: in a previous job, I actually used to travel quite a bit during key parts of the year (the total opposite of the work-from-home routine I currently maintain). For someone who loves details and planning and feeling like I’m on top of things, travel can be trying. No matter how much I prepared, there was always a chance of something outside of my control throwing off plans, like a cancelled flight, missed ferry, traffic, or even weather issues.  Accepting this fact was surprisingly freeing, a way to embrace that we can only do so much to prepare. The are always surprises, and there are always unexpected challenges that pop up. I’d be lying if I said that I carried this relaxing attitude with me today in all my projects and pursuits, but I try. And that’s half the battle, isn’t it?

So, we’re looking forward to diving into it this month, sharing how we’ve both experienced and handled the unexpected, and learning from women who’ve done the same. And as always, thank you for joining us.

Rain or shine,