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11 People Share What They Like About The Holidays In The PNW

“Winter Wonderland” doesn’t always mean snow and ice and crackling fireplaces (although, those are definitely nice, too). It can mean lots of things, to lots of people, as shown by the responses we received to December’s Question of the Month: What do you like about spending the holidays in the PNW?

Katie (Western Washington): I love the lights up everywhere in the city! When it’s rainy and dark they add that special feel that gets me in the mood. I also love love the sunny days in the winter where you can see the mountains for days. In love spending time the PNWs own snow globe town…Leavenworth! Most of all I love that this time of year brings the family together in the PNW.

Sara (formerly Western Washington): The smell! I live in NYC now, and the holidays are lovely, and it’s great when it gets cold enough that you can’t smell anything anymore (New York has many nice features, but the smell is absolutely not one of them). But when we come back to Seattle, and it’s chilly and the air smells like trees, that’s what makes me feel like it’s really Christmas.

Kaycee (Idaho): The quiet of when the snow falls…it is almost like the world stops for the snow, it’s so silent and pretty. Also, fresh Dungeness crab during crab season! YUM!

Julianna (Western Washington): Green everywhere…I also think coffee culture also plays a part in welcoming the holiday season. They just seem to go together.

Sarah (Eastern Washington): The snow capped mountains, frost-covered everything, the scent of wood smoke in the air, SNOW and just how beautiful Spokane is. We are so lucky where we live.

Shelly (Western Washington): I love watching it snow at night. I remember growing up, looking out my dad’s dining room window watching the snow come down illuminated by the corner street light.

Emily (Western Oregon): Christmas tree hunting! Either in the country or the actual forest!

Carly (formerly Western Washington): The mist, the trees, the smoky scent in the air, and the general magical enchanted forest feeling.

Eliot, age 3 (Eastern Washington): Friends.

Julia (Western Washington): Twinkle lights on gray and rainy days.

Dena (Eastern Washington): I like the coziness, the comfort food, the lights, and the excuse to put my kid in fleece and flannel and sweaters and plaid.

(Header photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash, body photos by Adam Chang, Jeremy Gallman, Jad Limcaco on Unsplash)